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Michael R. Hurwitz has combined his love of history with his knowledge of theatre, coupled that with his experience as a Theatre Technician, and applied that unique combination of talents to historic opera houses across the mid-west.  Serving as a Technical Theatre Restoration consultant for the last several years has afforded him the opportunity to visit a surprising number of burgeoning 'jewels', as Michael refers to these historic gems in his book, Ohio's Historic Opera Houses.  Each unique in it's beauty, history, and state of renovation, Michael does on-site visits to identify technical needs of each individual theatre, in addition to providing a plethora of contacts and ideas for restoration and beyond.  Feasibility Studies, Proformas, and Action Plans provide detailed guidance to start the ball rolling, as well as support throughout the restoration process.  Helping opera houses to identify grant monies available, applicable tax credits, streamlined contacts for equipment, efficient and effective use of funds, are only a few of the tips that Michael includes in his consulting. 

He provides:

  • Interfacing with architects for technical applications where possible
  • Access to nationally-based certified theatrical experts
  • Ability to purchase directly from theatrical suppliers
  • Interfacing with existing theatrical unions when needed
  • Orchestration of professional installation of technical components
  • Guidance to be compliant with industry standards
  • Addresses to civic and fundraising organizations to garner support
  • Help with design and creation of promotional materials



Does your town or city have an opera house?  We would like to know about it!  
Please share your opera house memories!  We are interested in photos, programs, and/or personal recollections regarding your town's opera house.   We would like to know about your historic treasures and stand ready to help breathe life back into your 'jewel'.     

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Please share your opera house memories!